Renters deserve the right to live in good health in a safe home, free of serious hazards and disrepair. We want a system of enforcement that is properly resourced, that listens to renters and protects renters against criminal landlords who let out unsafe properties, illegally evict or harass renters.


The Government must ensure that private rented homes are safe and decent, through introducing a well-resourced national register of landlords.  At present, there is no record of who owns the 4.5 million private rented properties in the UK, and no checks on who becomes a landlord. As a result, taking action against landlords who let out unsafe homes or break the law is extremely difficult. A national register of all landlords should be introduced, making it easier for authorities to target criminal landlords. The register should require evidence that landlords are meeting minimum standards as a condition of registration, with registration removed from landlords who break the law. This register should be adequately resourced and should include temporary accommodation properties owned by private landlords.


Illegal eviction is a crime and must be treated as such. Tenants need to be protected from criminal landlords and letting agents who force them out of their homes. The Government must address the shortcomings in existing legislation that relate to harassment and illegal evictions in the private rented sector. Police forces must be directed to act in ways that are consistent with renters' rights and to not assist with illegal evictions.


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